Searching in a Data Viewer List - Text Changes Table

Hi all,

I am using a search bar for my data viewer list (DVL). It works great showing the name and associated picture when the screen initially loads, seen below.

However when I go to type in a name, I’m struggling to get the the pictures to also show up. I’ve posted my blocks below, any ideas welcome.

I assume the problem is that you don’t have a Profile Picture value for your Create Row block.

Hi @tatiang

Yes I can display the profile picture when it open by looping through the pic column. However, I’m unsure how to add the profile picture when the user begins to type a name.

Not sure where to start here. I tried using the ‘CurrentNameRow’ cell value to find the profile picture within the database and it the pic in using a get value block but no luck.

Is the data source local or cloud based?

Are you able to share a link to your project?

@tatiang the data is cloud based from an airtable db.

I have shared a link below to the project.

Hi @tatiang

Were you able to have a look at the search feature in the project? If not no worries sorry I’m still trying and getting nowhere

Thank you

No, I’m sorry. I’m running a summer camp and don’t have a lot of extra time right now.