How to show random image with describe text from google sheet

I would like to show the random image with its description text that datastore in google sheet, it not working, could any one help, this is my blocks:

The row id is the row # of the data source. So you have to provide an integer or a row ID (which is a long string of characters that can be found in the list of values column “ID”). You have a blank row id for the set Picture block which is why it’s not working.


thank you Tatiang, I have put the row ID but it is still not working, is this correct or not ?

No, that is not correct. The row id cannot be a phrase such as “Image Protein menu”. It should be a number such as 1 or 2. Or a row ID which is only generated by Thunkable, not by you. You can see an example of that here:

Unfortunately, there is currently a bug with the get value blocks. They do not retrieve updated values from Google Sheets or Airtable. I’ve reported the bug here:


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