[Solved] What are the IDs in a Google Sheets Data Source?

Hi! I have a google sheets data source linked to my project, which has 3800 rows. I have the UserID of my user, and I want to get the google sheets row ID associated to the row containing the user’s UserID.

I used the below blocks to achieve as I said above, but it outputs ‘undefined’ instead of giving me the google sheet rowID.

Later after debugging I found out that this block -


outputs 100. As the database has 3800 rows, the number of row IDs (i.e. length of above list) should be 3800, right? Why does it stop at 100?

BTW, this is not the same for any other column; like this block -

image outputs 3800, which is correct.

What should I do now?

Also, if I try to get a sample id of any row, it returns something like this - 20e6f8c9-2378-4ebd-a985-fe3f7549282b. What are these IDs? Is it possible to get these IDs in a cell for every row in google sheets? (like in airtable, to get the recordID of any record, you get a formula column and enter RECORD_ID() to get the id for every row.)

There does seem to be a bug with the list of values in ... ID block. When I check the length of that list for a Google Sheet with 140 rows, it returns 9. If I check the length of another column, it returns 140. It also returns 140 if I use the number of rows block.

Row IDs are long, unique strings. I think they are generated by Thunkable but it’s possible they are generated by Google Sheets.

Have you tried just using integer values for the row IDs? And/or using the find first occurrence of item block to determine which row a certain search term (userID) is in?

In this case, “user BCB” was in row 138 and the label displayed 138.

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You mean a custom rowID? Like it is a custom created column.

No. I just mean that you can use either the actual row ID such as 20e6f8c9-2378-4ebd-a985-fe3f7549282b or you can use the row # such as 1523. If you get the value of row ID 1523, you’ll get the value of the cell in row #1523.

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In other words, once you have the first occurrence of a value, that is the row ID. You don’t need to do anything else to find the row ID. Just use that value.

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Actually I need the row ID to update the row with some value - so I’d required this kind of row id 20e6f8c9-2378-4ebd-a985-fe3f7549282b

I am trying to use this update block -


Does it make sense that I’m saying you can replace “id” with a number? If you want to update row 16, just put 16 in for the row id.

Does the block work with the row number too? I’ve never tried it

That’s what I’m saying… yes!

You can do stuff like this:

That will find the user ID “user BCB” and change the score in that same row to 250:



Ohhhh :sweat_smile: Let me just try it with the row number - hold on.

Update: Yessss! It works perfectly now :star_struck: As always, you’re the best!

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