Google sheets - get row ID where value is

Hi! I really need your help :slight_smile: i dont know how get id of row, where is specific value. I am using google spreadaheet


My_id | Value

6283 | yes
2891 | Yes
3728 | Yes

And now, i want to change row with My_id = 2891 to value “no”. But i cant do that, because there is no any function, to change value of “my_id” row, just origin row ID . Do anybody know, how to get row ID , if i know “my_ID” ? Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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There is NO ready block for that. You need to create your own function or use it through the DVL (Data Viewer List).

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There are many workarounds that make you get the row ID. Would you explain more what are you going to do so we can help you with more details.

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Here you go:

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