Getting row ID of google sheet data source

I am trying to add a Google Sheet as data source. I need to locate a specific cell and get its value, how do I get the '24 character row ID" to specify which row to locate the cell in? I know one way is to use a data viewer to list out all data then use left/right swipe function, however I do not want to list out anything, I just want the app to filter silently according to a predefined condition.
Or, is there a way for me to get every single row and save it as a localDB?

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If you look carefully at all the blocks for Data Source, you will find a block that can be used to get rows from Google Table

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there are only 4 functions under data sources block, none of which are able to get all rows from the data source.

For these blocks to appear you need to attach Data Source to Data View and install columns


Yes I do have a data view list that is displaying my google sheet data source, and its working fine. However I still dont see the two blocks you screenshotted.
My final target is to perform a search for a specific text string in the whole google sheet and know the row ID for the row that contain that text string. Do you know any work arounds I could use, since Thunkable does not seem to provide this natively?

I can see these blocks in the docs too but the doc didnt state any condition for these blocks to appear.

I also see this problem right now

Do you have any solution?

first create Col1list as list of values in mylocaltable in table1 in column1
then create rowidList as list of values in mylocaltable in table1 in ID (aka rowid)
find the first occurnce of your search string in Col1List and you get an index
use that index in rowidList to obtain the corresponding rowid