Search for RowId in googleSheets

Hi I am trying to find the rowid of an item in a google sheet table but it does not work.
I have this table on a sheet called CountryContacts

I want to find the rowid of the countryname which I enter in a text input box

These are my block…

It always returns 0 (so it cannot find the data)
What am I doing wrong?

Remove this list block.

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Thanks. That did the trick.

It is confusing because in doc it shows:

I did not realise that
is an example list. So I removed all but one element.

But this all makes sense now. Maybe other beginners might find this answer helpful too.

I can be confusing but the difference is that “a” and “b” are not lists… they are text strings, whereas the “list of values” block is a list. Anything that is already a list does not need a [gear] list block in front of it.

A pretty much never use the [gear] list block except when initializing list variables.

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