How do I make thunkable display a value from my google sheets table?

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Apologies if this has already been posted - I couldn’t seem to find it and its a very basic question:

I am trying to get the balance ($1,000) displayed on my label retrieved from my table in a google sheets doc. Why does it display null instead? Is it something to do with not having a green “Row ID” block? Where does this come from?

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Hi, row ID isn’t the position in the sheet but a unique id of the row.
There is a block to get the list of the column you need , also ID column.
If you need the row number 3 of your sheet you have to retrieve the ID in the third position in ID list and use it in the block. The object block doesn’t work with that get value because,with the right value of ID , already give you the value you need .
Instead if you call the entire row you can use the object block to select the right value

Hi Goldking, thanks for the response.

“There is a block to get the list of the column you need , also ID column”

Where can I find this block?

List of values , click the value to show the menu and select the right column or sheet

Makes sense - if there were multiple rows in my table, how would I tell Thunkable which row in the column to display?

E.g. if the table looked like:

£2,000 ← How could I ensure it returns the value on this row?

The right or clever structure of the database could give you a big hand :sweat_smile:
Anyway you can use a listview or simile to show your data and easily select the right value, this kind of component already have the row ID connected with the item click.
If you don’t want to use a component to display data you have to search the item manually in the column , with his index go in the ID list and retrieve the ID value .

Here the data viewer Docs

In your example there isn’t a connection to make a search . You want the biggest one ? You want the value connected to a username or a date :man_shrugging:t2:
Why you want that value ?
You have to build the table to be able to create a query to find the value you need .
I hope it’s clear :sweat_smile:

Got it, thanks for your help!

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