[Solved] How to convert Row ID to Text

Hey there,
I had a question, How to convert Row Id to text. So I just want to pick up data from google spreadsheet through data viewer list and when one of the options in clicked that option should go to other row in the spreadsheet. Please help.

you can store the row ID in variable and then get the value for rowid

For help you better show an example of your viewer and the data you have inside . You have to find a connection between the data after click and the data you want to retrieve (the data in the clicked row and the row you want to find).

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When one of this item is clicked it should show the item clicked in google spreadsheet, but it is showing the row id.

Like I said use the row id to get the appropriate value

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I am asking how to convert row id to text.

Still can’t understand

So, I am getting the row id when of the item is clicked on this list. But I want the exact same text written over here in one of the rows in google spreadsheet

Then, you can create a list(variable) with all the values of the viewer in the same order, then get the value for the row id and add it the google sheet.

Can you show it in thinkable. Thank you

Show the sheet too.
You have to use the id row to get the right column in the sheet where you stored the text

Here it is, I want the numbers to be text

Which number ? I see only one column.
If you want the id number as @vishruth-ram said , after click save the id in a variable ad use it like text.
If you want the column E you have to use the get block with the Id and the column E

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Then please teach me how to do that. Please send a screenshot of the blocks or anything you are talking about

Which one , save in variable or save the text inside E. ?
I’m not at pc now , show the block you are using now

Can you please explain it further, I am new to building apps.

Yes but first thing you have to explain as clear as you can yours goal .
There are also a lot of tutorials for basic procedures and components, like docs and on you tube

My goal is, If user clicks any item from data viewer list that item should show in Vehicle problem as text and not row id.

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This block after click retrieves data from sheet,
go in foglio1 (the sheet you are using) in column note and pick up the value with the clicked row ID ( the position inside the column)
The value is saved inside a label as text

Click and change the values with your goal