Upcoming Thunkable iOS Release (Schedule Sep 12)

Hey Thunkers,

We are working on a new release for this coming Tuesday (Sep 12) and it will be one of our biggest releases on Thunkable for iOS to date. Here is the list -

  1. More new components, such as Drawer/Stack/Tab Navigator, Local Storage and List Viewer
  2. Drag-drop component is coming to the Designer UI
  3. and more

FYI - We are planning to empty the project database (Hopefully, this is the last time we need to do that).

Happy thunking,
Wei on behalf of the Thunkable team


Great news, although I am new to this developer but quite interested to use it in a large scale. I find it most interesting app tool. Thanks for such a fine work and make our (computer programming lovers) lives easy.

Anxiously waiting for the new release.



Expect the day to be officially released!

Thank you for this!! You are all a big blessings for us - Mobile Programmers.

Hi Wei,

Thanks for the update. I had plans to launch a commercial service and have been following the conversation since last year. With summer having been the previously mentioned time when the iOS would go live and this not having been the case cause understandably obvious stumbling blocks, when can we expect to be able to export the respective files to be able to upload to the Apple app store?

The delay is honestly causing me personally to have to explore other options which I promise I would rather be with thunkable than working with anything else :slight_smile:

I’m only after a rough time frame (as im sure we all are, i know) as I did register to the iOS app developers program in anticipation in July, and would like to a least get an app up by next month at least.

I see you’ve been adding other apps yourself as well as the live app, maybe we could have the ability to do the same soon.

Thanks for giving the world this cool platform.

Cheers :slight_smile:

eagerlyyy waitingg :slight_smile:

Great release! I’m also happy that is working on my iPad Pro! This is also a opportunity for Thunkable!

Oh! the mistake in reading, the new release was for i phone users only, what about android users?

Good to see some release notes!


Looking forward to trying “Download to phone”.


Hi @skamransajjad,

The recent Android release was announced here:


Thanks a lot

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