Upcoming improvements to the Android build system

hi domhnallohanlon, thanks for answering my question is if the performance of the application will improve, because my applications that I have are very slow, they get stuck a bit and I don’t have many blocks, also another problem is that the screen flickers, I am a professional member and I thought that there would be a change being pro, but it is still slow
here is an example of how the screen

on the home screen it only has 394 blocks

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home screen Build stuck with flash screen, all other link/button doesnot works…App getting crash, but it works in live test work properly…

From the last improvements you made on the platform, the applications crash at a certain point (unspecified when). This happens after installing the device and mostly on Samsung devices.

Hi @Balanced_Kitchen, is this the Live app or your own project when downloaded as an apk?
That type of error on Samsung devices tends to be caused by larger images but we’ll need to track down the actual cause. Could you share more details such as the device you are seeing this on?

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This happens after it is installed by the apk. It has been tested on the following models: Lenovo A 6010 (no problem). Xiaomi mi 10 pro, Samsung Galaxy A5, S21, note 10 and 20 (have problem). I found this problem after posting the app to Google Play Store.

Thanks for the info @Balanced_Kitchen
Do you happen to have any high resolution resources in your project? Including your icon.
This is not a hard rule but I’ve seen that any images over 720x1200 will crash Xiomi, Samsung and also some Pixel devices.

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This is the only image (500x375) inside the app. But users can add as url link.nonetworck

Are you seeing errors with just this image? or do the errors appear when users add their own images?

Also, are you not using an icon?

Yes im use an icon but it is in 192x192 format. In my opinion, this error occurs when switching from an AdMob Interstitial (close) ad unit to a screen containing a Data Viewer List. User photos were eliminated in the tests. Therefore, I believe that they do not indicate influence. The strange thing is that this problem is not permanent.

I see. For what is worth, I created an app with your gif and it is working fine on a Samsung S6 running Android 7, which is a device that consistently fails with large images, so that does not seem to be the issue if users’ pictures are not a factor.

Do you want a link to the project?

Feel free to DM it, although if you have a much smaller example that reproduces the error, that would be more helpful, especially if the app is large.

I think the problem is caused by the Data Viewer List module. A few days ago I updated one of my old applications (I added this module Data Viewer List) and now I am testing it. Here is the error that occurred.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I haven’t changed anything else in the application.

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Is there a way to stop the links from expiring?

Hi @mosesman831 We have to expire the links and remove the built apps periodically. We build thousands of these on a daily basis so it is not possible for us to keep them all.
You can download the apk and host it on your own [free] service such as google drive or dropbox.


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I am seeing an issue where a number of images used in my app won’t be displayed in the compiled version but will be displayed in the Live companion app. @jose something you could check in the logs? It is the latest one I compiled for Android. The file names are:

  • social_instagram.png
  • social_youtube.png
  • icon_q_CityArt.png
  • icon_q_Cinemas.png

Many thanks.

hey @Deluxe can you DM the project details? Thanks!