Unreliability after update

I’ve been having major problems with Thunkable and so have my students. Our code isn’t saving. You make updates and they don’t seem to sync back up with the phone until maybe the 3rd time or so that you restart the app. Kids think they are doing stuff wrong and most of the time it’s a thunkable issue. It seems to have become severely unreliable and makes teaching coding very difficult. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Ever since it updated it’s been nothing but problems.

We’re looking into it. As a temporary fix, when you’re about to live test, just move any event handler slightly left or right on the screen. This will send an update to the app to make sure they are sync’d.

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In case it isn’t clear, event handlers are the blocks that say ‘when’ in them. Also note that you can also jiggle other top-level blocks, like variable initializers, to get the same workaround.