Unable to share, copy, or download app (Technovation Deadline today!)

I am having the issue that I cannot share, copy or download our app for submission to technovation. If someone could look at it before the deadline today, it would be very much appreciated!

When I try to share my app, I get the following:

Share link generation error
Error creating share.

When I try to copy the app, I get the following:

Save copy error
No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c81f923e5c82cf5e5fcdaaa/projects/5c81f9901a83ae75bd047d6e/assets/5c81f9901a83aed518047d72

Downloading for iOS gives the same:

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c81f923e5c82cf5e5fcdaaa/projects/5c81f9901a83ae75bd047d6e/assets/5c81f9901a83aed518047d72


I confirm that nothing can be done with the project.

Can it be extracted as other projects with similar issues have been?

@wei @Mark @Conor @domhnallohanlon @mike

Can any of you help here please. Sorry for the shout out. Just trying to get some help for this user.

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Robot Unicorns,

We had an internal server error that affected your project. I believe that we have fixed the project and you should be able to share, copy and download now. Please let me know if that is not the case.


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Now the application has been fixed and I was interested in a small block optimization.


use about

But, unfortunately, the last example will not work correctly if the indexation of the list starts from 0.

I already told Thunkable Team 2-3 months ago this bug.
When i delete some file or invisible component it happened to this bug.

I just tested your approach of using a list and it works just fine. Here is the project: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/ac1062744d68103ea01fe49f3e65e7ca


Unfortunately, Mark, in a big project I see a situation where the index of the list starts from 0. We have been trying a lot for a long time to solve this problem, but it still exists and for this reason I warned the user.


This is one screen project for example. (No Blocks)
All function will error like copy, share,download.

I would like to know the reason for such failures. Does this happen after adding files to the project? I rarely add a large number of files to my projects and have never met such an error (only when the account was full once)

When i delete some files from one project it happen this bug. So i will not delete any files. I am happy now.

Thank you for the information. It is very valuable. I see only one solution, which does not have to delete files from the project - encode them to base64 format, and not add to the project.

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How can i know which files base64 format or not?

Thank you, Mark! I can confirm it has been fixed.

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Yes, we know that this happens sometimes when files are deleted from a project. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet figured out exactly what that causes the projects to get into this bad condition and why it only sometimes happens, so we haven’t been able to fix the bug :frowning: .

However, we do have a way of fixing the project if it gets into this situation though, so if you send us the URL for a project that is in this state we can fix it for you.


Given that, as far as I know, in the vast majority of cases list indexing works just fine, I wouldn’t tell people not to use lists. I would only suggest a workaround if and when they have a problem.


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An example can be seen on the scrImage screen in the project.


Everything is simple here:

  1. To encode files you can use an online service, for example, https://www.base64-image.de/
  2. The resulting text “data: image/png; base64, iVBORw0KGgoAA …” needs to be inserted into the Picture property of the image or the attribute <img src =“data: image/png; base64, iVBORw0KGgoAA …”


I inserted my code for the days of the week into my project and literally just received the Friday value in the Android emulator, although today is Thursday. If an inexperienced user sees this, then what should he think - an error in my blocks, an error in the “day of the week” block, or did he do something wrong? You can say that this user can ask a question on the forum, but then there will be a lot of bug reports on the forum, and this in no way can help popularize Thunkable X.

An indexing error can confuse even a programmer who is used to the fact that lists work well. I had it so. Created two lists - in one the names of people, in the other their phones. And for a very long time I could not understand why one person disappears from the list and one person disappears from the list.



I confirm that nothing can be done with the project.