UI components' z-order incorrect on Thunkable Live

Hi Thunkable community,

I have added multiple non-editable text input boxes to a screen. Next to each box, there is a switch component. When I go to the web preview, everything appears perfectly and works well (screenshot 1).

However, when I test it on thunkable live, each of the switch components hides behind the respective text input box (Screenshot 2). I have re-checked the z-order, and the switch components are higher than the text boxes. Moreover, the issue persists when I download an apk.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Another issue on thunnkable live and in the apk file are that the full text of the text boxes does not appear (all text is single line and mostly one or two words).

Please help. I am relatively new to this.

It would be helpful if you shared a link to your project.