Trying to create a quiz app

I’m trying to create a basic quiz app for my son with a list of questions using seperate lists of both questions and answers. My app consists of a welcome page, quiz page, and a score page. On the quiz page i have labels for showing correct/incorrect, total score, and the questions. And i have 3 buttons: submit, next, and reset. There’s also a text input for him to type in the answer. However, I’m having issues coding the answer input from the answers list. I’ve tried searching through the forums for solutions but can’t seem to find any. Can anyone help? thanks

Can you say more about this? What exactly are you trying to do/compare? Which blocks have you tried already (screenshots or project links are helpful)?

Fun Share: Study & Quiz App - Starter kit
Here is the project link

Basically, i want to create a set of questions and answers. And for the answers list to be the only correct solutions of whatever he types in answer input. Then each correct answer adds a point to an overall score at the end on the score screen. i also want to implement a reset button to go back to question 1. I have already gotten the overall structure of the design, but the blocks are a bit challenging.

thanks for sharing this link! Project 3 is very similar to what i want to achieve except mine has a “next” button to go to the next question. And the answers are from an answer list instead of individual inputs on the blocks

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