Can someone help?

Hi @tdewi0023lf, welcome to the Community.

Can you please provide more information about what is wrong, or what issues you are experiencing. Please reference to specific screens/blocks/components with screenshots if at all possible.

Hey @tdewi0023lf :raised_hands::wave:

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Without more info, it’s hard to help or diagnose issues. Here’s a post from @domhnallohanlon that may help you design your posts to receive the maximum support. It’s not the only way, but it’s 1 good option.

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I have to make an app that answer questions. A quiz app essentially I was able to ask the first question but I don’t know how to ask the remaining 4. The reset and next button work but it is just this last step that I can not get.

i had just posted a simple quiz app (search for My Quiz Maker) in the Share_Your_App forum. see if you are able to use it or parts of it as a template. you just feed it a table of questions - and answers - and it will take care of running the quiz and keeping score.

Here is an example of a quiz app!

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