Tracking system latitude/longitude from database, Google Maps directions

Hi , I’m working on developing a tracking system app that allows users to track the location of a scooter. Here’s how the system is supposed to work:

  1. User Interaction: The user needs to choose a scooter ID, but for now, I’ve set it to just “scooter ID 1.” After selecting the scooter ID, they should click the search button to fetch the latest longitude and latitude information from the database.
  2. Displaying on Google Maps: Then, when the user clicks the start button, the app should show the directions from the user’s current location to the scooter’s location on the google map.

However, I’m encountering two issues that I need help with:

Problem 1: Retrieving Latitude and Longitude from the Database Sometimes, the latitude and longitude data from the database cannot be retrieved properly. I’m unsure why this inconsistency occurs, and I need assistance in troubleshooting this issue.

Problem 2: Incorrect Directions Displayed on Google Maps After clicking the start button, the Google Maps display shows the directions, but it’s not from user location to the scooter’s location. Instead, it shows directions from user location to some other location. I need help resolving this problem so that the directions are correctly displayed from the user’s location to the scooter’s location.

I would really appreciate it if someone could assist me in resolving these issues. You can access my database through this link:

This is my project : Thunkable

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

Your forum topic title should be a very short summary of your question, just a few words.

If you are using a “get value” data source block, then you will not get updated values from your database. See this: Google Sheets data source doesn't update every time - #6 by matt_conroy

You would need to use Firebase or an API. I like Airtable’s filterByFormula API command.

Edit: I hope it’s okay I change it from this:

The discussion is about developing a tracking system app for scooters, encountering issues with retrieving latitude and longitude from the database and showing correct directions on Google Maps.

To this:

Tracking system latitude/longitude from database, Google Maps directions

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Yes, its okay to change the forum title.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will try and get back to you if I have a questions.

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