Add markers to map based on past user inputs

I want to collect coordinates from users, store it in a cloud database of sorts and then use the coordinates to place markers in every instance of a stored coordinate. How would one go about doing this?

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you can work with stored variables

it would need to save data from countless different users though from different accounts.

Hi there,

You could give each user a unique ID in your app.

Create a Firebase DB that contains a list of items, where the key of each item in the list is the user IDs and the properties of each object in the list are the latitude/longitude values.

As the user uses the app, save their current latitude/longitude to the item in your Firebase DB that has their user ID as the key.

For each item in your Firebase DB, add a marker to your map with the item’s latitude and longitude.

You can learn about adding a Firebase DB to your app here: Variables - ✕ Docs

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that’s precisely what i’ve done. I have the values stored under USER ID and a time variable, but i’m having immense trouble accessing the lat, long for each instance it appears

hey jane!

I wanted to ask how I’m supposed to go about ‘getting’ the values lat/long once they’re stored under the USER ID key?
please help i am so desperate and confused