Map App - Placing Markers

I am trying to create an app where users can place markers on a map, and those are visible to all the app’s users. How would I go about coding this?

What have you tried so far (and this includes searching the forum)?

I have already coded the placing of the markers - now I am currently trying to use the Firebase Realtime Database to save the longitude, latitude, title, and description of the pins so that they can be automatically pulled up when the user opens the app. I’ve tried looking at tutorials of how to use Firebase for login screens and then adapting that to work with pins, but to no avail. The picture below is my attempt at coding Firebase to save the markers, but, as you can see, I am completely lost. How would you code this?

Thank you so much for responding!

I would use airtable to save that data. its a little easier to work with. Not that firebase can’t be used for this type of thing, it’s just not as easy as working with a typical spreadsheet to accomplish this task.

i’d use airtable and create a new row for each marker i want to store. if each user needs different markers, i would use the localDB for simplicity if you are new to coding.

Thanks for the suggestions - I have started using airtable. There seems to be some issue with my code as the markers are not being saved to airtable. Could you help me with this?

Do you have those 4 parameters exactly the same in airtable as column names?

That was it - I didn’t have the parameters exactly the same. Thank you so much!

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