Help with Firebase (Map Markers)

Hi everyone, using a cloud variable I am saving latitudes, longitudes, titles and descriptions to Firebase. My problem is figuring out how to pull that information from Firebase and convert it into map markers.

This is what the markers saved to Firebase look like:

And below is my attempt at coding my app to load one of these map markers from Firebase (ideally they would all be loaded).

Screenshot (101)

I would really appreciate it if anyone could point out the errors in my code or share a better solution to my problem. Thanks in advance!

@bobsunscreen just wondering if you’re using the right key here @bobsunscreen?

As a first test, can you try outputting the value from your RealtimeDB to a label just to see what response you’re getting.


Hi @domhnallohanlon, thanks for your response! Between when I posted this and now, I’ve figured out a solution to my problem and a better way to do this. I should have probably deleted this post after I figured it out, sorry about that… Although I do appreciate your response!

No worries - glad to hear it’s working now anyway.

Hope to see your app in the #MadeWithThunkable category soon! :grin: