Google maps markers by Realtime DB

Hi there!
Does anybody know how to add many markers by using data from realtimedb? NOT from the airtable sheets. For example i have “mapinfo” > “name”>>“latitude:xxxxx;longitude:xxxxx”. Latitude and longitude are properties of “name” and in “mapinfo” i have many of this "name"s. Can’t find out correct function by myself.

So “mapinfo” is a list, and latitude “longitude latitude” is a string?

You can use a “for each item in list” loop to get the markers one by one.

Did you try it? I remember I already did this way and as I understand value is not a list so nothing happens.

You should save MAPINFO as a list. The items will be under corresponding indices.

Did you input MAPINFO directly into firebase or did you do it through thunkable?

For example, I made a project before storing questions for a quiz app. The question info is stored under 0, which is the index of the question in the list.

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