HELP to set markers with Firebase

Hello Comunity, I finaly managed to set a marker in Maps based on my Firebase Data (BEISPIEL)
Since i did not find an anwser, I ask you guys for help.

How do i set a marker for all Object in “HOFLADEN”? (BEISPIEL / BEISPIEL 2 …)

THX for any help.

So let me understand what you’re doing, you want to set a marker for both Beispiel and Beispiel 2?

You can do a loop with the objects, remember you can change de key and put variables on it.

Here is an example I have in a project. My markers are contacto_1 , contacto_2, contacto_3 So that’s why I use the ‘count from 1 to 3 by 1’ block. ( It’s in Spanish haha we’re an international community!)

Your solution would look somewhat the same, or you could use the yellow block for the lists.

I hope this helps! :smiley:

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this works for me now


(I also add another / in the Firebase)

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