[Solved] Display markers on a map

Hey everyone!
I am new to Thunkable, currently trying to build an app that display people donations as markers on the map. I am using realtimedb I am trying to loop over a list of objects to and display each object as marker with its own values but it returns undefined! Please can anyone explain to me what is wrongScreenshot from 2020-05-03 15-15-01 (this is the data I ma trying to map over)


Are you trying to display each “name” in a list?

not only the name almost each key’s value. but i mean if there is a way to retrieve the name then it works the same for other keys

I want to do the same as below for each object in the data


To add objects to a list like you are doing, it would look like so:

This works for me in my projects but if you have any trouble with this share a larger screenshot of your Firebase and I’ll try work something out.

(edit) You can ignore anything to do with app userIDList, I just took this from a current project :slight_smile:

(edit 2)

Here is what you want it to look like when you are just displaying all names that are under the “Donations” key:


Thank you so much for your help :heart:! following your method of getting data, finally I am able to display them as markers!

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Fantastic! Be sure to share your app when you’re done :smiley:


Great work @eoinparkinson & @mlakahmd715a



Nice tag :wink: