Simple app - maps

here simple aia for methods

  • get options when marker click
  • get distance between two markers
  • show in list users according to the distance that you like
  • add , load markes from firebase Json
    extentions used : Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView @ColinTree
  • distance tools @Red_Panda

note : test markers in france if you are in USA(for example) change sliders2 max value to 20000 m for show all markers
hope will be usefull
map11.aia (70.8 KB)


Have you used Thunkable or App Inventor?

How to add a marker to the database, and the next time you open the screen, show it on the map ??? if you can block, I will be very grateful!


with this procedure app add users markers automatically to firebase depending on your location . you can find it in same aia

Мне надо добавлять маркер по касанию на определенное место, а вызывать их все имеющиеся в базе данных. Застрял на этом…

May i get .aia file please.