Making Runnning App(Failed)

Hello everyone :wave:
I want to make running app based on his project(Thunkable).

My project is this one(Thunkable)

But I can not show the distance.
I really need someone’s help. Could you give me your hand to me?
If you do, I really appreciate it. :persevere:
Thank you.

Distance calculations from latitude and longitude are complex. Get prepared for a lot of debugging Check out this thread to get started


Thank you for your respond. :pray:
But I already checked it…
And I change the error by changing the formula.
Still my system do not work.
I doubt that the problem is maybe rather in my command. :sob:
I write the command that to fetch latitude and longitude every 5 second and calculate.
Can you find some wrong block assignment?

Thank you!
I will give it a try too.