What is the difference between these two??

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IT CREATESA HELP SECTION .if i am wrong then test and see

Sorry friend, but you are wrong

so pls post screenshot while testing

This opens the drawer navigator. But I don’t know what is the difference between this blocks.

u are an app tester i guess so u should check and tell

See, I know that both of them opens the drawer navigator. But, what’s the difference between them??
I don’t know answer to that.

Well I suggest you to dive deeper into it you will definitely get an answer.

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Hi there,

The first block is a generic block. This means that you can select any type of component, then select an instance of that component in your project, and call an action for it. The second block is locked to a single component.

In the specific case of the Screen, there is not much difference in functionality, as it is currently only possible to call actions for a given screen from that screen (eg. Screen1 blocks can only affect Screen1, they cannot affect Screen2).

However, generic action blocks are useful for making efficient projects. Check out more info in our Any Component blocks docs.