Generic Button for using same code in several buttons

I just looked for and found this, the Generic Button, but can’t find it.
I can probably just use a procedure, but thought this look interesting.

Any Component blocks are very powerful and a bit confusing to use.

One thing to consider is that you can modify the actions of a button based on the group the button is in. So for example, if you had a toolbar at the top of the screen with several buttons in it and then other buttons on the main part of the screen below, you might want something to happen when a toolbar button is clicked such as overlaying the main part with a gray rectangle (not a great example…). To do that, you could specify that only buttons in a group/container at the top of the screen respond to the Any Button Click event.

What are you trying to do?

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I haven’t tried yet as i can’t find the “Any Component” block.
Can you tell me where it is?

In the Advanced drawer:

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Oh, there it is.
Right down the bottom of the list.
Thanks for that.