Tips to improve your experience

Hello Thunkers,
I would like to share these tips with you to improve your experience in using Thunkable X.

Some Thunkers suffer from the limit of Airtable spreadsheet rows which is 1200 as I know.
You can make a list of more than 1000 in one single cell. The tricky idea is when you set cell you can make the value as for example:
Set cell to … value is
Join value, text input. Text, and |
To get value:
List viewer items to get list “value” with determine |
In this way you can get text in one cell which contain | and make it as a list.

As you know we build apps for mobile phones so the phone supports emojis. Instead of upload an image as an icon you can use emoji as an icon and it will be displayed on the phone perfectly.

As you know Airtable spreadsheet works online only well you can make a stored variable to store the items when the phone online then if the phone offline you can display the items which are stored in that variable.

Here are some beneficial websites:
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If you have any question or notes about these tips, please do not hesitate.

Check my app, please. It’s in Arabic lang but I know you can see the features I am talking about:

My regards,