Display subset of list from Airtable

Hi! I’ve got an Airtable spreadsheet with multiple columns - it looks something like this:

El Pastor|10|Mexican

I want to build an app which has a button for each cuisine, and when I press that button it shows me only those data entries that match the cuisine. So, for example, when I press ‘Mexican’ it should show me a list of Santo and El Pastor, but not Bao.

I’m really struggling with how to do this! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


the algorithm for solving such problems is as follows:

  1. Get all entries from AirTable into the list
  2. Create a loop from this list and use the “if then” block to filter out the necessary records.

Block example

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Break line or new line (\n) does not work on Thunkable cross yet.
I’m looking forward to it cos it’s really important for arranging texts.
I hope it will be released on the next update.

You’re right. I showed an example of the filtering that I did for another project with \n. In Thunkable X, it can be obtained in several ways. If this symbol is not needed, then it must be removed from the blocks.

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Thanks very much actech - completely solved my problem!

Hey well i figured out a way to do new lines just follow this

Você tem esse projeto para eu acessar?



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