ThunkableCompanion Error - When Download IOS APP

When i use this code “hangitarih function” in “Screen Starts” blocks it’s happening. These blocks finding week.

What’s this bug? If i did’nt use this “hangitarih function” in “screen starts” blocks it work normally.
IOS 13.1 Iphone XS
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The error is somehow connected with the component Local Storage or Local DB

Why am i use in screen starts blocks hangitarih function it will seing that error. If i use add any button this hangitarih function it is working normally. I really dont understand.

If the function call in the screen starts "blocks is causing the problem, then, perhaps, broken the procedure for obtaining the data and you try to work with data that is not yet loaded into the application.

You need to find a unit that causes the failure. Error creates not function, and the blocks within it

But two days ago i didn’t see error same blocks. What happened to change?

As you know, update Thunkable X occurs in the background and at the same time can make a break. To check the integrity of the application required system tests, but Thunkable X there are no mechanisms to create the necessary tests, with which you can fully test the functionality of the new assembly.

Each tool for mobile application development has its own characteristics, purpose and scope. You have been working with Thunkable X and I think that you understand the characteristics, purpose and scope Thunkable X.

I need current year of week i think. It will be great solution for me.
This blocks not loading not working in screen starts.

In particular, the error is related to the use of the rownumberacil variable. Take a look at how that variable is used. If you want more help from us, please post a copy/share link to your project (or ideally a simpler project showing the same behavior).

FWIW, it appears as if it is related to the Local Storage component because the current implementation of app variables uses the same underlying capabilities (i.e. AsyncLocalStorage) as the Local Storage component (note that this implementation will likely change soon).


Rownumberacil is 1 To 37 Numbers.
It is column of third including 1-2-3-4…36-37 Numbers.
I am using Only for Numbers for Which row is selected.


As I suggested:

See here for how to create a copy/share link.


I sent you with PM.