Thunkable X "My Account" Screen design UI

I loved everyone and somebody liked my post. As I regardless. I considered more and more. :wink: You may consider my modern design.

Again. Original are Chinese. I Changed to be English by photo Editor.also. the gray strip was added by it too.


Thanks for sharing this design @BlueWhaleYT, I like the theme throughout your different apps.

Would you be interested in describing how you created this design in the #creator-lounge or perhaps even sharing a template in #ShareYourApps?

Thanks for recommend. Since I start on Thunkable X. Until I just have one application .So don’t even tell me thought out different app QwQ. As you want me take some screenshot there to teach other thunkers to do it?

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If you have time to create a quick tutorial about your design tips I think that would be really useful for the community.

I like it!

Can I see your app?

My app is for my studio group. which is available for my members. Beside of this permission. The app Include Chinese language you even don’t understand how to use.

Ok, I was just interested in the design

it rat but u shall fix wave llayout

haha I reckon that it is ugly at present🥲

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