Thunkable X bug (Cannot delete some assets)

Hello Thunkable,
I think there is a bug with the assets. I found out that I cannot delete some assets such as images or Lottie images inside my project.
In addition to that, Thunkable X freezes when I try to move a component from a place to another one because it is too slow in blocks field.
Classic Thunkable is very ok. I hope you fix these bugs as soon as possible.
Thunkable X too slow leads our progress with building our apps is too slow.
My regards!

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Hi there,

Could you send me a message with a link to your app?


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Same problem with me

Same happening to me.
I have to rename the asset and leave it in the list.
I also have to keep closing Thunkable to get it responsive as it either freezes or is way too slow.
Otherwise, a great tool.

Hi there,

If you send me a link to this project, I can fix your project assets.


Hi Jane.

Thanks for the reply.

This is the link to the project:

The 2 assets to delete are:

HeaderBorage1 and HeaderBrocolli1.

I’ve discovered that if I delete the last asset it works but not for any above that. Also, I am unable to drag the assets to re-order any.


Hi, check your internet or try to rename the assets refresh and try to delete them.

Hi Steve,

I just fixed this project’s assets. Are you able to remix it now?

Thx. I’ll check.
One other thing. I want to check the size of my project but it’s been showing 12.01mb since 21st

I just checked the assets and I still can’t delete. I tried to delete the 2nd last one (Banana Peels) but it remains.
Also, the project details page won’t load today. I’ve tried several times.

Have you made any changes that should affect your project size, like adding/deleting media?

No media but a lot of jpegs since 21st

JPEG files are media files. Can I delete the named assets in your previous comment, HeaderBorage1 and HeaderBrocolli1, from this project?

You already have.

I still can’t load the project details.

I have about 70 more media files to load but should come under the 200mg

I was just able to load project details and the size has gone down to 11.95mb

Hi Jane
I still can’t delete assets.
Can you please urgently delete the last 6 jpegs:
banana peels
Also, the system is very slow and take ages to load a jpeg (avg 730kb)

I have deleted the additional images you asked for.

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Hello I am having the same problem in Thunkable X