Thunkable X file deletion problem

One of my thunkable projects cannot be copy-saved, shared, nor downloaded. When I try to download the app, the building comes to an error and gives me “no such object: …” I checked my files and apparently there are two files that I cannot delete even if try to delete them (the prompt pops up but then after I click confirm the files are still there; I’ve uploaded other files and deleted them to see if theres a problem with the project as a whole, and its only the two files). They’re json files from lottie. Can anyone help recognize the problem?

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Exactly same problem I am facing.

Thunkable team did it for me. Thank u very much, my work is safe and I am happy now… Thanks a lot…

The same problem here cannot delete file

ı can not delete file. when will you solve this problem? I couldn’t find an answer in the forum @domhnallohanlon

Be very careful with it. Do not force the deletion.
Once this has completely removed this block from my project and corrupted it.
I could no longer add a table because the data sources component had disappeared from the project and was destroyed every time I opened it.
also when you delete a file called 1.jpg and upload another image also called 1.jpg Thunkable loads the old one