Cannot create a backup copy of the project

Has something gone down? I cannot create a copy for the last 30 minutes…
I am getting “No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/…” etc etc
Do you experience this as well?

Hi, I’ve realised that there were some similar issues raised in the past with similar symptoms: a nasty image that cannot be deleted, the project cannot be copied and perhaps it’s lost.

I’ve tried refreshing, re-logging, deleting cached files, new browser, but nothing helps. I

I have a backup, thanks god, but is there any solution to this or is it like the old blue screen of Microsoft?

Can anyone help please or let me know if there’s nothing to do.

Hi there,

It sounds like your project assets need to be fixed. We can help with that!

Can you message me the URL of this project? Just copy it from the browser URL bar. It should start with


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Hi Jane,

Thank you for the reply. The project is: Thunkable

The image file that does not get deleted is: PhotoIconMagnet.jpg

Is there anything one can do to avoid these cases or to solve them once they happen?

Thanks anyway!