[Solved] Error while copying project

i keep this error trying to copy the project…


The complete text is:

No such object: thunkable-x-production/users/5c837027d9df2e49b7a150ca/projects/5ec7c4f708a8c7152a888d99/assets/5eca6c4b6e82b4b78bfe684f

I noticed that there is a png i’m unable to remove… i tried many times but still there

i’ve changed browser, logoutlogin, refreshed cache… :frowning: hope this wont kill my project somehow

no helps? :frowning: i had to rust off a backup :frowning: … lot of things to update :frowning: pity

Hey @sirfrancisdrake,

Just getting caught up on messages from Saturday and Sunday at the moment - can you PM me your project link and I’ll fix your assets for you.


hi @domhnallohanlon,
Just checked it… it works! SOLVED!
Thank you very much!!

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