Thunkable X block update issues

My application is having an issue where blocks and button texts/label are not updating (i.e. not reflected in live tests or when page is refreshed).

I would share my project but I cant get rid of my firebase credentials because those don’t update either. Has anyone else run into this? I saw some other threads mentioning this but it seems like updates were pushed to solve these issues already.

Any amount of help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @gok99

Are you using the Thunkable Live app on your mobile device or are you testing in the web preview?

If you have set your credentials in the designer then when you share a copy of your project we scrub that information so that other users can’t see it .

Please Note this if you are some reference to an API key or password in your blocks then this information will not be removed, so please exercise caution.


Thanks for your reply! It seems like this was an issue with my wifi. When projects get sufficiently large, it seems slow connections can take very long to update the project state. Perhaps a nice addition would be to force a save and have a notification when the save has been successful. Thanks again!

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To the best of my understanding @gok99 all projects are checked 3 times every second for changes and then every time a change is made that change is then saved.

Anyway, glad to hear it’s working for you now.

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