Thunkable Live 430-2 App Navigation Issues


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We are moving all of the different threads detailing an issue in the Thunkable Live app where users are experiencing unintended navigation within their app to this thread. If you are also experiencing this issue, please reply here instead of making a new post. Thank you! I will provide updates to this issue as soon as we get them.

Thank you for your kind so much :heart: :heart:.

Just throwing it out there that I’m experiencing this bug as well. When I test as a web app everything is status quo but on thunkable live I have navigation issues. Namely when I navigate out from my central dashboard it automatically shoots me back after starting to to load the selected screen briefly. Hopefully we get a fix, good to know you’re working on it!

A small update on this. We know the issue is related to when Screen Starts and When Screen Opens events. If you can remove or change those blocks to something else for now, that will fix this unintended behavior.

umm …this just temporary right? because i cannot remove those screens it part of how my app works.

Hi all,
In my app, I have four screens within a Tab_Navigator and others outside the Tab_Navigator. No matter what I am doing, my APP keeps jumping back to the home screen in Tab_Navigator.
Any solution?

Hi, Any updates regarding the tab navigator issue?

my screen is looping back just after my flash screen i thunkable should undo whatever they did in the update because if i use an old version of the live app no issues i am not going bust my brains to fix my blocks when my blocks is not the problem.


Hi, I’m waiting for some updates. However, Hope you can fix it soon :smiling_face_with_tear: :heart:

Hi @matt_conroy ,
Is there any update? I can not test my app as I can not get out of he loops in Tab_Navigator.

We are still working on a fix for this issue but are treating this with the utmost importance. We will release an update to fix this issue as soon as we can.

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Can you give us an update on the problem? How close do you think you guys are to fix the problem? Thanks

@emlee703 We are still working on isolating the cause of this problem.

In the meantime, I can provide a link to download v428-5 of the Thunkable Live app for Android. This APK file does not have the navigation issue. Anyone who would like to download it and install it on your device locally is welcome. You will need to uninstall the current version of Thunkable Live on your device before installing the older stable version.


Ok. Thanks!

Have any update for my app issues?
I can’t do anything right now. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Still working on this. Are you not able to use the link above to download v428 of the Thunkable Live app for Android?


Hi. A little update, the Thunkable Live App got an updated to v433-2. The new version still has the navigation issues. The v433-2 version was to fix another bug regarding cloud libraries (I think that’s what it is.) You can still temporarily fix the navigation issues here: