Thunkable is using React Native!

It looks like the Thunkable iOS app is not a standard Objective-C/Swift application, but that it is using React Native. This opens the door to very interesting questions and possibilities.

Will there be a new Android version based similar to this iOS version?

Could there be a web emulator based on react-native-web? This is for example used in the documentation from React Native.

How much of the native functionality is enabled? There are many powerful React Native modules like:

And you? What do you think?


This would be amazing!! +1 for a web emulator.


Everything you describe is possible @davidperrenoud !!!


Hi, I read about react native in another post, and I’m curious, as a person that knows pretty nothing about programming, could i learn react native or is it hard for a complete beginner?

My recommendation would be to learn the fundamentals with Thunkable and build as much as you possibly can. There are lots of properties (especially the advanced properties!) that many people don’t use to the fullest of their potential.

React and it’s associated projects are definitely very useful to know, but the learning curve will be slightly steeper. In general, while the ceiling may be higher, the floor will be higher too. [Link]

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