Web App availability?

This question is geared towards the moderators and admins but maybe someone else may have info on this. React Native is the background code for Thunkable X, right? If so, will the availability to publish as a web app become available? I imagine it requires different parameters but is this doable? Like, if I wanted to host a version of my app on my server and have people able to navigate to it with a URL, will that ever be possible?

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Hi @jared

I’m not sure what the technical requirements are for something like this but at the moment we’re focusing on making the platform as easy to use, for new and returning users alike.

Our immediate goal is to make it so that non-technical folks can design, test and publish iOS and Android apps with the minimum amount of friction possible.



I thought so! TBH, i am one of those non-technical folks and really love that I have already been able to publish my first app within 3 months of being on the platform. I already have around 10 daily users (20 total monthly) and the numbers are slowly rising as parents and teachers find my app.


This is awesome news Jared - congrats. Do you have a target, or a goal that you want to hit in terms of users?

Have you considered making a simple landing page for your app?

Thanks for your response! I have made a landing page but it’s kinda poopy and old at this point. I want to take some time over the next month or so and develop a nice page to represent my app. My goal is to continue to scale and be able to offer this service to many families. I am doing simple data collection as a replacement for platforms like Chartlytics, Aloha, DataFinch, etc. Their services are expensive and I wanted to provide a super affordable (free for now) platform for families that don’t need all of the bells and whistles the other platforms provide.

We have at least 100 families at the provider I work for. So I guess for now my target user population will be 100 users. I would like to take this to some conferences later in the year after i do some more work and then hopefully upwards of 500 or more users by the end of the year if things go well.

have you tried bubble.io is similar to thunkable but only for webpages! take a look!
I’m thinking to use this platform to show the activities of my app! you can connect it with airtable

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I have looked into it. Tbh, I have avoided doing too much on that platform because I have already invested so much time learning the language of thunkable. I may start messing around on that site though. I would like to be able to create a sweet dashboard to analyze and display the data my app brings in and to be able to view it on my laptop.

I have done the first three tutorials. Thanks for the suggestion!

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