Can we make web apps to be used on desktops too?

Are we able to also make regular website versions of our apps to work in browsers on PC/Macs that have the same logic and databases as the iOS/Android apps we make?

IE if I want to make a app with a registration form that works on mobile, but then be able to view and edit that info in a desktop browser.

Hopefully I’ve explained what I’m wanting to be able to do well enough, if not happy to provide more info.



Not currently. You can publish a progressive web app eith a PRO account but it’s not a website version. I would recommend for those needs! It’s another great #cocode platform that can tie in a lot of the background components we may use. Not airtable, though, I think.


Thanks @jared - for the progressive web app - are users using that to just make a “wide” app version that works and looks more like a Desktop app?

I’m looking for a platform that can do both, I checked out Bubble but it doesn’t do native iOS/Android apps. Adalo has been great and does both, but Thunkable has a lot more advanced features for Native apps than Adalo.

nahh. not a wide app version. This would be cool though

Bubble could be used as a background service for your app potentially. but no, you cant make a full-screen (for computer) app yet.

This is a really cool option (2013!). It would extend the potential of creating apps and make the pro version even more valuable. Any updates?

Does anyone know if it possible today to make web apps that fit on a pc (or tablet) screen?

That post was made on 13 April 2020 not the year 2013. Thunkable X didn’t even exist then.

To answer your question: no, there has been no update in the last month and it’s most unlikely there will be one any time soon, if ever. Desktop apps aren’t really mobile, even on laptops.


Thanks for your swift answer.
It’s a pity, my apps would gain quite some value if the users (my students) could seamlessly shift from mobile to pc and back (their IDs and progress data are stored on Airtable).
As is, the web app seems to be just a rather ugly little viewer. Useful for testing certainly, but not for commercial use.
Thanks anyhow, Cheers!

@Dean_Artis @max.langoscor0rmb

The responsive web apps are dope
If you are handy with responsive design


Here is an example of a full screen web app


Jared, how did you get that web view to work?

i have published this as a resopnsive web app

@jared Yes! now that’s what I’m talking about :wink:
Unfortunately I know nothing about responsive design (but willing to learn). I guess it means I need to dabble in HTML and CSS directly? Do you know about any WP plugin for this by any chance?

Hi @tdehnke :wave:

Check out this new publishing option we release recently that allows you to publish your apps as mobile web apps or responsive web apps:

cc: @max.langoscor0rmb

Hey Jared! Would you happen to know how to get to read Thunkable API Post requests? I’m trying to get thunkable to be able to update some data in the database but it’s not working quite like I think it’s going to.

hi jared, the sample is no longer online?
i create an app on who runs on a win10 tablet now with bluestacks but i will switch to the web app, only i want to use the widescreen on a 1280x800 resolution.are you able to switch to full screen ?

Sorry. Webapps not alive. I let that account fizzle and stopped paying.

If you plan to make a webapp, I would use css to edit the design screen size. Then you can work in an environment that is the right dimensions. Alternatively, I still feel bubble is superior for webapps if that is your primary target.

Still though, if you plan on only having a PWA intended for mobile phones, thunkable would be the route I’d take. If you want a webapp that also has desktop features but has a companion PWA , use bubble.

That’s a good question I’ve been wondering about myself. Did you ever come up with a solution for this?