Thunkable High School Summer Challenge!

Hey Thunkers -

I’m excited to announce that we are hosting a competition for high school students this summer.

Challenge: Build a Thunkable app to solve a challenge in your local community!

First Place: $600 USD
Second Place: $400 USD
Third Place: $250 USD

Details found here.

Registration opens on June 15th!

I know the majority of you are not high school students and I don’t want you to be disappointed that you don’t qualify for this specific competition. We will be hosting many more competitions in the future! This is the first of many.



I just passed my middle and upcoming school year I go to high school. Am I able to join?

Wow! What a great opportunity! The good thing is I am eligible.


yes you can

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@amrita In the Netherlans we have a totaly different School System:

Primary School: Age 4 - 12
Secondary School:

  • VMBO Age 12 - 16
  • HAVO Age 12 - 17
  • VWO Age 12 - 18

After my VMBO I go to MBO, that is to learn for a profession. That is where I go next year. Which grade do I need to select?


Should I select 10e? Because I am 16. Or 11e, because I turn 17 upcoming school year?

Choose 11.

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Okay, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Another quick question, do I need to select the school where I go to next year or the school where I am on right now?

School you will be in September.

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My students will be happy !! :slight_smile:

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Aye @amrita can we publish our apps that we submit to the competition?

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YES! i highly encourage it.

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Iam now 10th in india.Did i can join

yes you can!

I will help to promote to Thai School too. (Sorry it is in Thai)


This is great opportunity for me.and where to submit our apps for this contest.

Little doubt:

I’m 16 years old (born on 2001). I’ve finished my compulsory education in Spain, but I will do International Baccalaureate, so I will still been studying at HighSchool
Also, in my country, HighSchool includes Baccalaureate even it’s not compulsory

Can a team with partners at the same situation than me participate?


Sorry, I understood it was UNTIL 9th grade instead of FROM 9th grade

I can participate :blush:

I know different countries have different grades, etc, so if there is any confusion, please just email me and I’ll let you know if you qualify.

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Alright, thanks :+1:

And if we have three different ideas (the limit) we have to fill the form foreach app, no?