Thunkable Classic Release (v341)


Hey friends,

We just rolled out a new release (v341) and you need to install the latest companion app (version 3.41) from Google Play Store. It should fix most of the bugs we discovered at this point since upgrading the target SDK to version 26.

  1. File/Sharing component crashes in Android 7 & 7+
  2. Companion App QR Code download APK error
  3. Toggler component performance upgrade
  4. FAB rotation change update issue

August 9, 9 pm Update -

  • An emergency fix went to the production servers and companion app (v342)

The Thunkable Team

Runtime Error (attempt to invoke virtual method 'com..firebase com.firebase.clint.firebase.child(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference
No background not working on buttons
Firebase is not working in the newest update


Hello @wei
My App crashes without even launching now… it was working fine in previous background color fix update.



Same happens to my app, I just add second notifier and it starts crashing then I delete the second notifier from my app and it’s still crashing. Then I check this announcement so I think it’s because of this


Hi @mannankhanabdul @waseem_gul,
which version of Android your phone is running on?
Also, aia files or apk files would be really helpful for us to locate the error.


My Phone Android version is 6.0.1 but I tried on Bluestacks too, It’s crashing.
Here’s the apk file


Sorry but I did not see one :joy:

Reproduced and fixed, thanks for reporting.


Hey friends,

It was our fault for the crashes. We did an emergency fix with version v342 (servers and companion app) and it should fix the crashes. Please let us know if you have any problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Runtime error when using a FAB (3.41)

BTW: firebase component (BUG: no method named ` ’ …)was operational again after v341 fix


Thanks @wei

App crash at start-up is now fixed.



Camera component is not operational anymore. Please confirm!

Usecase: Camera starts, but photo is not shown. (really easy to reproduce for anyone)


Camera bug confirmed, It will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for the infomation @User81


Uh-oh, the Spinner has changed.
Looks like the new release has changed the way the spinner appears and is displayed.
For me it no longer drops down smoothly with a nice animation and it is now displayed as a radio button list displayed in the middle of the screen.
Can this be fixed?
Is there a way to enable the previous behavior?



Yeah it’s fixed and work perfectly for me


i can’t open PDF file from local storage ,since the laste update of API.
its showen an error of ""file:///mnt/sdcard/L2ACAD/dc_ad Semestre 3.pdf exposed beyond app through Intent.getData() “”.
too i can’t change background color of massag dialogue


Does anyone else now see the Spinner displaying as radio button list in the middle of the screen?

If there is no way to return the original behavior of the Spinner (as in the same look and behavior as when you press the Action Bar Menu button), is there a way to load my project into the previous version of Thunkable (v340)?
… please


Since you rolled out version that is target SDK to 26, I can’t compile my app anymore. I get Yail - DX compile error.
I’ve done several things. I removed 4 extensions (left only specialtools and upgraded it to latest release). Error remains.
Then I started to reduce bloks (deleting). Only when I reduce number of blocks from 10.000 to 8.500 application is compiled. I think I can not optimize my app fo 20% of bloks. It’s a game like chess and I write logic for 1 year. Can you help me please.


Hey @wei tagging you here as I need your help

Facing problem with Notifier In live testing everything works fine as I want, but after compilation things change

  1. Notifier Button Color Changes
  2. Size Changes

Attaching 2 images for example
Live Testing

after apk installation on Mobile

Can you please tell me what I can do to obtain the look which is in Live testing mode.


Does anyone else now see the Spinner displaying as radio button list in the middle of the screen?


I also see that on my Samsung S7


All the spreadsheet apps are crashing after the latest update during live testing . the app works fine as apk. kindly solve the error

Here is the screenshots of error. there is no error in spreadsheet or blocks because they were working perfectly before the latest update.