Thunkable Classic Release (v341)

You fixed it already. [of course you did - you are the funky thunkable team :slight_smile: -> makes it easy for me to tell everyone, that they can really rely on you and your team!)


BTW: With the recent release, you also fixed another problem, that thunkable classic live companion on my Samsung S7 could not connect to live mode (I never reported that)

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Thanks for that :joy:

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Hi @Michelle_My_Belle, @User81

The behaviour changes is caused by a code merge from App Inventor previously. Code from App Inventor decided to keep the old style of spinner with Android 3 or before, which is a dialog.

So do you think a property for the spinner style would be necessary? Drop down or dialog would be choosable with that property.


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Colin I have already sent a pm to @wei regarding the spinner and its appearence…

I have requested also that this component should have some text color and also some text size properties…

I personally prefer drop down however I don’t mind having an option to set this…

Since we are talking about spinner I would like to say again something that I observed while the spinner was a drop down menu:
if its elements are populated dynamically then the 1st time the spinner text appears normally, the second time however the color got grayed out and only the triangle was more visible. This is why I am asking for font color property.
I will post you some screenshots later on to understand the issue better.

Also notifier component width has an issue as already mentioned a few posts above…
If the message is too small and there is no title then it appears too narrow…

Please consider these points also for a future release!
Thank you, best regards…


Thanks for such a lot of info!


All of these below were happening with spinner being a dropdown menu…

Imagine that you have an app that you need to display some reports in table format per year and per period.

Each time a report is selected in the top spinner the other items in Screen appear.

Period spinner elements are static (full year, quarterly & monthly data), however Year spinner elements are populated dynamically from the records in DB each time a selection is made in the top spinner of reports.

The 1st time user selects to display a report everything appears as it should (see first time shot). If however user selects a different report from the spinner or selects “not selected” and the same report with the first time, then the spinner that has it’s elements dynamically populated appears as in 2nd time shot below…
It is possible to use the Year spinner normally and after selecting an other year then colour gets normal again. But I can’t understand why this decolouring happened initially.

Starting shot

First time shot

Second time shot

Anyway besides the above that relate to what spinner was, are we anywhere closer to put that property to spinner so as to display it as a drop down or a pop up?

Thank you for your patience in reading a long post… :slight_smile:

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I tested the basic app "Thunkable Android Beginner App Tutorial #6 “Drawing” but do not draw or is not running.
Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0 and S9 with Android 8.0.
Should run correctly on those phones?

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If it is a quick fix, I would like to see the spinner implemented as a drop down style menu again (more modern) and then add the properties to enable drop down or button list later, if this is a quick fix… Hope so :grinning:
Thanks MMB.

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API 26 lots of trouble with that. Appy Build have a lots of trouble too. API 26 changes a lot of APIs and thats the problem.
Some Extension dont work any more. And with API 26 you have to give the Use the possibility to allowed or not allowed the Permssions at the start of the app.
Google Ad mob make troubles too with eu user and personalued Ads.

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