Most Recent Thunkable App Update Broken? (Android)

Is anybody else experiencing issues with the app for android? I have just updated my app when I was having issues which I ended up solving in my code in the end - but the app white-screens on the most recent update and crashes. I have tried the previous version on my old phone (got a new phone last week) and it’s still working on there. It was working fine up until half an hour ago when I updated…

I don’t usually get any proper error messages but I have this time, fortunately - not sure if this will help at all.

Chris, you aren’t alone. We may need to wait a few days for it to be functioning olidly. IMO this is still be best platform and these issues aren’t terrible. I still cant program with React Native or Flutter. So until then, I will deal with the issues.

Tonight, for example, I keep getting a white screen when i load my projects. I am just turning it off and doing something else for now while the admins iron out these bugs.

If you are desperate for a platform there always, app inventor 2, or you might be able to get into AI2’s iOS testflight platform too. But, again, This platform blows those others out of the water

see the github post here

giphy (4)

Also, I just noticed this was for the companion app and not the website! But if this is a bug, you should still add to the github

Hi, @chris.bailey230698t! :wave:

Have a deep look at the error -

It says, in the component RCTView, the flexDirection property has got something…


If you could, please share your project link here, so we could get a look on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :blush:

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