Thunkable canvas is not showing on my phone device

hello community , i have create a game with canva , but when i test it on my phone it show me just white screen i dont know what is the problem , test app is working good on my laptop , but when i test on my phone it show me white screen

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You have been here long enough to know you need to give more information. If you really think people will come up with a solution based on what you have stated then you will need to wait for a magician.


Hey there @enzka007,

It’s hard to help you since most of us wont know about your app. I’d refer you here to help refine how you ask questions. This is a very helpful guide.

As a side note, the more detail the better. Screenshots of your blocks and a plain english explanation of what you intend to happen on any given workflow that you are trying to build.


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