Three big No-code app platform

Hope thunkable can have more functions

My favorite is that ios can be used, but unfortunately there is no Apple developer account

What are the functions you think are missing?

Are you suggesting that an Apple Developer account should be included with a Thunkable Pro subscription?

I don’t get the “export” bit either - the share links (or project pages) are much easier to use and to understand the downloading/uploading different versions of .aia files.

Also, you can add any vanilla Javascript code you want via the extended web viewer and a lot of users have dramatically extended the capabilities of their app by doing this.

Finally, Thunkable allows users to test on web, android, and iOS and to build for iOS and Android for free. Web publishing is available as standard on the PRO plan.


ex:Google sign in/ Bluetooth client, server / Drop-down menu …

How to use js code?
When I say exporting with a link, I mean the sharing function!

@tony.ycy.program @domhnallohanlon @tatiang
Why I Use thunkable.
thunkable : Moderate components but an amazing ui with a great community.
Works on 3 platforms(Android . IOS and Web App) Also Live test feature works very good . Docs Are awesome
Kodular : lots and lots of components but I Personally don’t like the ui(blocks) for some reason. Works on 1 platform and I have not (till date ) been able to connect phone with pc for live test. I couldn’t understand the docs though they were there.
This Well , is why I use thunkable. But i would really appreciate if you could add a few components. Thanks :pray:.

You can add this to feedback forum
if you can


actually thunkable is good enough
half of the thngs are done with apis here or u need good logic which makes it easier to understand
and mit makes it just to difficult too many component and u also need to know java
and dont compare kodular as it is just a copy of app inventor
instead of kodular try
and can u make a site in app inventor… no u cant but u can do it in thunkable

and thunkable is a priate company and i think app inventor is made by some institute
and one more thng some feature i thng u need like exporting project file might be great for giving codes and even the public thng
but dont thing that app invetnor is public as it is also using the gcloud whr it stores codes,etc . they can also get code of urs
and now i dont know about expansion what you can say or what u mean?

and thunkable is now in competion with app inventor i think but i hope thunkable shall compete adalo
instaed of app inventor another platform which is good is niotron
maybe compare thunkable with it…
and even ui of mit is worse than thunkable

yep but i think in place of kodular u shall add niotron.

btw i hope that my platform( ) overtakes niotron :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :joy: :upside_down_face:

You guys forget about bubble. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Top web based nocode app builder platform

Thunkable or appgyver would be the most powerful nocode/lowcode mobile app builders.

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