The highest paying web application, app inventor, thunkable etc

Every web application IDE like App Inventor and Thunkable let’s you place an Ad in your app and earn money, I’m just curious on who is the highest paying web Application IDE in all of them?

@Hizon_Pastor I don’t think you fully understand how monetisation works. You don’t get paid by Thunkable, or any of these organisations.

Advertisers pay ad companies, such as Google AdMob, to runs campaigns in apps on their behalf.

Your company, and the apps you make, displays ads to your users and receives a share of the revenue for this service.

Can you share a link to your Play Store account or App Store account so we can get a better understanding of the type of apps, and audience, that you have.

To summarise:

  1. Advertisers (Local and Global businesses) provide finance and create ads. Advertisers pay agencies.
  2. Ad agencies (Google AdMob, for example) make matches between Advertisers and Developers. Agencies pay developers.
  3. Developers (You!) provide an audience and display ads to them. You get paid for displaying timely and relevant ads to your audience.