The canvas sprite being disappear

Hi there,
When I tried to set the canvas’s ignore gravity to false and set it draggable.
I tried to drag the sprite to the live testing top bar and it no longer appears even I re-live test the app or re-download the app,it is still disappear.
I’m soooo…

Hi @BlueWhaleYT - are you still having this issue with sprites?

Can you create a sample app so that we can test this on our side too?

All app with canvas that’s disappear.

Hi there,

We have built apps with a canvas component and sprites that are visible on Android and iOS.
Can you please share your project that does not display the canvas and sprites properly with us?
What device are you testing this app on? (Model + OS please)


Is not project gets error,is the livetest app gets problem.
Every app if is including Canvas and Sprite,the canvas won’t show (it just showing when I launch the project in the first time)(after I launch it again,the canvas is being invisible.

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Clarify word @BlueWhaleYT.

If the application is launched for the first time, the canvas is displayed in Live. If you then move the blocks in the editor for the application updates in Live, the canvas disappears and it is necessary to reopen Live on iOS and Android for canvas was again visible and working.

That’s no working.