Canvas Image Sprite & Sprite Type Not Showing on Live Test

I am making a game app similar to the mole mash tutorial game. I want to have two sprites showing up on the screen at random times. Unfortunately, whenever I add sprites to my canvases, the canvas disappears. The canvas is supposed to be visible, but it is pushing the other rows up or down, plus the sprites are not viewable. The canvas itself just doesn’t exist. It previously worked if I used one sprite type, but I cannot add two sprite types because then no sprites will show up on the canvas. When I also first add the canvas, there is a blank image icon, as if Thunkable can’t find their default image location.
There are also no component icons for the sprite and sprite type when I first create the canvas. Please see the screenshot images below.

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.25.25 AM

Please help as I am having this problem every time I insert a canvas. I also tried creating anew project and inserting the canvas and the sprite icons are still showing blank each time.

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