Sprites no longer appearing after swapping image files

I’m trying to port the old App Inventor Ladybug Chase game to Thunkable. I had it mostly working, and then decided to swap out some of the sprites. I uploaded new files, updated the sprite types with the new images, and deleted the old ones. Everything looks fine in Preview, but the sprites no longer appear on my canvas in Thunkable Live on Android or IOS, nor do they appear in a downloaded .apk file.

Here’s a link to the app. Any idea what’s happening here?


This app also tends to crash Thunkable Live on Android fairly frequently, and often stops responding to the gyroscope. I’ll tackle that problem in a separate thread later if I don’t get it resolved, but I mention it here in case it’s relevant.


Hi there,

I tested this app on iOS, and found that it wasn’t just the Sprites not appearing, it was the whole Canvas not appearing for me.

I tested that the issue wasn’t with our Canvas component by testing this app, but it worked as expected.

I tried downloading the aphid, ladybug and frog images from this project, then deleting the images form the project and displaying Thunkable Beavers on the Sprites instead. The Sprites appeared in my app, I could now see the whole canvas.

I uploaded the bug images to the project again, and set the Sprites to display the bug images again. I tested the app on iOS, and this time it works fine!

So this version of your app should be fine, though I don’t know what originally caused this behavior.

I will note that I didn’t download the dead ladybug image before deleting it - if you upload the dead ladybug image to this version of the app and see the same behavior you originally reported, then we have found our problem!

Thanks for your help. The new version shows the canvas/sprites now, and adding the dead ladybug didn’t break it. Good progress. However, I also noticed that, while the canvas and sprites appeared at that point, it still displayed old images (in particular, with the frog facing to the left instead of the right), even though the sprites were correct in the app and in Preview on the web. It did work when I download the .apk file, so I figured something must be wrong with Live, or something was cached on my phone.

I tried exiting the Live app using the Android “back” button, backing out with the the Live app’s Back button, restarting Live Test on the website, ending and restarting the app with Android - all with no luck. I finally ended up uninstalling and re-installing Live, and that mostly made things better.

However, it still exhibits several intermittent problems. For example, the Live app will crash periodically (see attached image with error details from the last crash), the Ladybug sprite will either freeze in place or slowly migrate down the screen on its own without responding to the phone’s tilting, the slider that’s on a timer will stop moving, the debug label will stop updating (even though the frog keeps moving), the app will show a collision between the frog and ladybug even when they’re halfway across the screen from one another.

All in all, it’s a pretty frustrating experience.

Here’s a link to the latest version of the app (which is your version with the dead ladybug added, and a few minor code changes):