Thunkable Live Bug?

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Is something wrong with Thunkable Live? I’ve made a health app where students must drag certain organ systems from a bank of sprites to the correct locations on a canvas. The app used to work fine on both my iPhone via Thunkable Live as well as on the computer via the website tester. Now, when I test on my iPhone via Thunkable Live and drag and drop the sprites, instead of adding a point for each correct move and locking the sprite in the place where it’s dropped, the score doesn’t change and the sprite randomly floats away. The sprites also collide on the screen. 1) This never happened before the recent updates and 2) it works perfectly when I test the app on the web. Did something happen with a recent update to Thunkable Live? I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app, I’m running an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and I can’t tell you when this changed since I haven’t tested the app in about a month or so. Any feedback would be appreciated. I’ve checked all the code and element properties and everything is fine, as I said, it works perfectly on the web just not on the Thunkable Live companion app.

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Just to be sure:

Currently the app works in web preview but not when previewed in a companion app on a mobile device?

if that is accurate, can you share the project link with me either here or via DM?

That is correct Jared. I’ll share the link via DM.


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Similar situation here. I’ve made some game apps, they used to work fine before the recent update, but there are some problems now. When using Thunkable Live, some sprites couldn’t move or even disappear when the app starts, sounds don’t play, and the timer doesn’t start either. But they worked correctly by web preview.

Here is one of my projects:

Thank you.


One of my phones is an iPhone 13 Pro and the other is an iPhone 8, my game apps couldn’t work correctly on both of them via the Live app, but today I borrowed an Android phone from someone, and surprisingly all apps worked fine. I guess those issues are only for the Live app on iOS. FYI.


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